Special production

we offer bespoke uniforms using your exact design.

By working directly with the manufacturers, we offer bespoke uniforms using your exact design, pantone and fabric whether it is 100% cotton or fast dry.

We also promote unique eco apparel made from recycled materials.


Our graphic designers will seamlessly optimise your logo for different uniforms
and textiles.

We partner with a local and trusted atelier.


Embroidery is the most popular way to customise yacht uniforms because of the elegant stand-out effect it creates.

We partner with a local and trusted atelier to bring you the most durable embroidery of the finest quality in the shortest lead time possible.

We offer different types of printing.


We offer different types of printing depending on the uniform’s fabric and the level of activity intended. Our rash vests and tech gear benefit from more durable and water-resistant print while traditional printing methods are used to customise cotton T-shirts.
Our team will be happy to guide you in choosing the best printing type to suit your crew.

Printing time is estimated at 2-4 weeks depending on the product. We understand it’s not always possible to plan ahead and urgent printing orders are possible as well!


If you need to make alterations on clothes, we offer a wide range of services: hemming, taking in the waist, adding epaulets on shirts, dress alterations, etc.

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