We can all act together


In the yachting industry, we all love the sea and the sense of joy and calmness it brings us. The ocean plays an essential role in slowing climate change and maintaining life on our planet.
Now the sea is in danger with over 6.4 million tons of waste being dumped in the ocean per year. We can all act together to reduce the impact we have on our ocean and combat climate change.

At All Around the Yacht we’re always looking for new ways to limit our carbon footprint and get involved with local communities in order to protect our environment. 

Take a look at how we achieve this and maybe even get involved with us!

  • Recycled fabrics? YES! Over 50% of the articles featured on our website are produced with organic, recycled and PFC free fabrics.
  • Eco-friendly packaging! We either re-use boxes for your orders or use boxes made from completely recycled cardboard. We also only use 100% eco-paper tapes to secure those orders and 100% compostable bags.
  • We say no to overpacking! We’ve kept plastic packaging to a strict minimum while making sure your uniforms and other merchandise are perfectly protected during delivery.
  • Printed catalogues are a thing of the past! You won’t see any printed catalogues or brochures in the vicinity.
  • Working as a community to protect our local environment! We organise and take part in waste collection along our coastline, riverbanks and on land by teaming up with https://www.initiativesoceanes.org/en/

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